I won't lie. There was a point in time when I only listened to classic rock and Pearl Jam. By "classic rock" I mean anything that was played on WCKG before they went talk radio. I hated hip-hop on principle. By "on principle" I mean that I hated anything that wasn't Pearl Jam or classic rock.

But yes, I confess, Paul's Boutique changed my life.  

It was late in the game.  The Chronic had already passed my by and Public Enemy was far too aggressive to sit between Pearl Jam and Queen in my CD collection.

Enter the Dust Brothers.

The sounds coming through my headphones on Paul's Boutique blew me away, and even though the record had been out for years, it spoke to me. It told me to buy turntables. It told me to sell all those "timeless classics" and get some vinyl. The first EP I bought was "Quality Control," and soon my small town friends were recipients of mix tapes poorly recorded by myself. My friends would look at me as though I'd gone mad.

"You know I'm driving to Phoenix for the Sanitarium Tour tomorrow, right?"

"Yeah, man, I know. Fuck them. Check out this Large Professor track," became my standard answer.