Day 2:
Shame washed over all three road trippers. They'd smoked too much and drank too much and though they were not hungover, a sense of regret lurked through room 204 at the Quality Inn that fateful June morning. The passenger had haggled the price of the room to what the group agreed was a reasonable rate. Intoxicated celebration soon followed with the thorough enjoyment of two one-topping Domino's new - yet not all that different - recipe pizzas.

Shame was realized once it was understood that the passenger's "first hassle, then haggle" strategy proved to knock a meager six bucks off the normal price tag. Shame was compounded by the fact that two one-topping Domino's new - yet not all that different - recipe pizzas had been consumed the night prior.

Their one night stand with Des Moines, IA was brief and deplorable. The trio felt cheated, used, and the unflinching need to get the fuck out of the Plain States as fast as the Sienna could take them - which was remarkably speedy, all things considered.

As they drove into the night, each increasing mile west of the Nebraska/Colorado border became more temperate, more mountainous, and more inviting. The sinking road to Denver wrapped our three friends in a blanket of agreeability that was sure to fade once they calculated the miles-to-hours ratio to their final destination.