Day two starts with me at will call: "Have you guys found any iPh-"

"No iPhones."

My ears were still ringing from the night before, I'd apparently lost my phone, it was hotter than hell, and the beer lines were empty, but they were no longer serving Newcastle. And I wouldn't have had it any other way. I caught up with Susannah the old fashion way; we arranged a time and place to meet up instead of 'texting when we got there," and I must worked.

Sun Airway: Just a bit too dissonant for my taste...especially that early and that sober.

Cold Cave: Cold Cave was the first act to really pull me out of Friday night. They were lucky enough to play the green stage before the sun was blasting, which allowed them to wear those black leather jackets while the audience fried like eggs. Cold Cave was buttoned up so tight in black leather that they must've lost twenty pounds during their set. It didn't stop the group from being spot on and bouncing all over the stage like crazy people, however.

No Age: After some soundcheck mishaps, No Age decided to say "Fuck you, sound, we're going to play anyways." Sound is not to be trifled with. 

Gang Gang Dance: I can't truthfully tell you what I expected out of Gang Gang Dance's performance. Their set was very tribal and the hippie-ness of it all was unexpected. 

Dismemberment Plan: It's always nerve-wracking being more excited for one act than any of the other acts. What if they suck? There's nothing quite worse than being let down by heroes on the day you need them most. But Dismemberment Plan delivered. They connected with the crowd in every way that bands should. Dis Plan was funny, dynamic, and -- just like the crowd -- pouring sweat. The amount in which the members of this group work is amazing. And for a group of funny guys, they certainly take their work seriously. Not a single ounce of this performance was phoned it. For me, Dismemberment Plan was day two of Pitchfork.

DJ Shadow: It's amazing how one dude can make this much noise. Despite some trouble with his visual effects, Shadow's set seemed to be the loudest and cleanest set thus far. Watching him perform was watching a scientist at work. A supremely focussed beat scientist.

Fleet Foxes: Day two ended on a peacefully mellow note as opposed to the mania of night one.