Even as editors, we are constantly discovering music as we create playlists and organize site content. Sifting through Epitonic's abundant collection of mp3s, while endlessly rewarding, can at times prove daunting and arduous. To alleviate this delightful burden, we like to utilize many different methods of browsing through the site. There's the Epicenter, New Tracks, and an assortment of featured playlists on the homepage, as well as various lists sorted by Artist, Genre, Label, or regional Scene. Then, finally, we have the tags on every Artist page revealing similar and related artists, labels, and scenes.

This cool playlist was crafted just by clicking through a chain of similar artists, starting with outlandish psychedelists Of Montreal, journeying through a variety of genres and styles, and ultimately arriving at minimalist DIY rockers Shellac. Huzzah, something for everybody! It's overwhelmingly simple: start with one artist and click anything on the "Similar Artist" list that tickles your fancy. Maybe there's some band you've been meaning to listen to, or an artist you already love, or just a cool-sounding name. Whatever your strategy, you're bound to get into a groove with something along the way.

Try it out, and see what kind of loot you can dig up.