Riding a bike removes a lot of the stress, money, and discomfort from traveling around the city. I like my bike. It goes fast, the brakes work, and I use an Altoids tin for a reflector. I'm not a "cool" biker with a Chicago-flag chrome bag and biker gloves and an inherent hatred of everything without two wheels, but I manage to get myself from place to place without much of a problem. It seems as though owning a bike in Chicago comes with a mandate to spread the biking gospel to every non-biking peasant you see, filling valuable conversation time with the onerous details of your new welded-on support bracket that doubles as a wheelbarrow and a coat hanger. Fascinating!

Biking really isn't a big deal. It's just another hobby foolishly adulterated into subculture status. Why all the fanfare? Just get on your bike, slap in some headphones, ride and relax. Feel the air rush around your body, let the music capture your subconscious, and watch the people and the scenery change as you accelerate yourself block after block, hood after hood, mile after mile.

I've been using Epitonic to make cool playlists for riding. This is my latest soundtrack for biking Chicago. Some of it's heavy, some of it's bright, but it's all centered around driving rhythms and chaotic sounds that encourage movement. Enjoy!