There's nothing like summer in the San Francisco Bay Area. Perfect weather, no humidity, beautiful things to look at in every direction. Mountains and hills always rest in the distance, enveloping a vibrant collection of cities, estuaries, parks, and vineyards. Okay, so my first visit was only a couple weeks ago, but let me tell ya, I was pleased. Enjoying numerous cities and communities in such close proximity to nature (and clean air...) was a welcome change from the barrage of hip gargantuan mega-urbanity that is Chicago.

So with so much going on, it's no surprise that there is an outrageous amount of music emanating from the Bay Area. And I am not only referring to the region's epic history of producing iconic groups like Journey, Sly and the Family Stone, Jefferson Airplane, Janis Joplin, Primus, Dead Kennedys, Green Day, or countless others (seriously). This legacy of superb music constantly grows stronger and has come to include some of the most influential and talented artists of the past twenty years, from the wild garage noise-pop of Deerhoof to the untouchable articulate poetry of Del the Funky Homosapien.

If you were wondering how I could possibly sum up the diverse and complex musical stylings of the Bay Area, then stop being such a Negative Nancy. All of the appropriate "Scene" pages are in the works. So there.

All of the songs in this diverse collection represent the many genres from various sections of the Bay Area, and share somewhat of a calming spirit, a relaxed wisdom belonging only to the most enlightened of folk. Or maybe they're just there for the weather.