I used to hate the winter. I'd spend as much time as I could inside, trying as hard as I could to avoid the cold. Sure, as a kid I'd like to go outside with friends when it would snow, but overall I just thought winter was the worst. I had this feeling for a long time too because so much of what I enjoyed doing was best enjoyed in nice weather. Skateboarding would suck in the winter, same goes for bike riding. Cleaning my car off would always be a chore and I'd pray every time I'd start it that the heat would work. 

It may sound crazy for someone that willingly moved to Chicago could hate winter so much, but these days I love it. I love the cold weather and the feeling it brings. I love how all the trees lose their leaves and you can see your breath. I feel like most of my favorite songs had to have been written in the winter. Yeah, walking to the grocery store in the cold sucks, but I think it's a fair trade off for such an awesome season.

I've been preparing myself for winter to come this year and so far it's been missing. 65 degrees has its place, but not in December, especially not in Chicago. Maybe it's because I think cloudy days are the best, and I don't really mind when it rains. Maybe it's just that I like bad weather. I'm not really sure. The season I once dreaded, I now wish would last forever.