I'm caught in this awkward phase of life. I turned 24 a few days ago and while that isn't really that old, it's old to me. I'm stuck in between still trying to be a kid and finding a "real" job once I graduate in May. Things in life are changing really quickly these days and days go by in a few seconds it seems. One thing that hasn't really changed in recent years is how much I listen to music and how it still remains to be a major part of my life.

Listening to music, whether it be on vinyl, my iPhone on the subway, or sitting on the computer typing papers for my last few weeks of college, I'm always listening to something. There's nothing better than finding a new band or something to listen to and it turning out be awesome. Things never seem to stay the same for too long once you get older, but the albums I grew up with still are in my collection and I find myself listening to them all the time. I remember thinking in high school that 18 was years away, and now at 24, it seems it was a lifetime ago.