It sounds really lame, but I was super excited to file my taxes this year. I'm only 25 but I feel like I'm getting old and filing taxes was actually going to be exciting this year. I mean, I was more excited about getting some money than actually doing the paper work and filing them, which probably goes without saying. I wanted to buy a new guitar, amp, pay bills, and just buy stuff. 

I was excited until today. After three hours on the phone talking to the state of Illinois, the state of New York, my job, and a tax filing company, it was a little more complicated than I thought. I mean I'm still getting some free money, but it was like pulling teeth. After talking to all these different people and hearing about this form, and that form, filing this way, deductions, payment, all I can say is that I wish I was still a kid. When I was 12 I sure didn't care about taxes and bills and I really wish it was still that way.