Being in a full time touring band is something I've wanted to do since I probably 12 years old. I learned to play bass on some Fender copy my friend let me borrow for a few months. Ever since then I've been in and out of bands, some serious, some not so much, but playing music was always something that was so much fun. The past couple of years I pretty much stopped playing in bands. I started focusing on other things, but I've recently realized that I still want to pursue music and make it a major part of my life.

A few months ago, I bought a bass off eBay which turned out to be a piece of junk, but I still play it everyday. I've met some good friends to make music with and can't wait to go to band practice every week. I think back to when I couldn't care less about playing in bands and I now realize that I've always wanted to do it, I was just frustrated and tired. Now, I can't wait until the day my band gets out on the road and we have the opportunity to play some awesome shows and meet new people. With events like SXSW coming up and all the awesome summer festivals, it's the perfect motivation for getting this band off the ground.