The heat in Chicago has been absolutely brutal the past few weeks as I'm sure everyone already knows. I tried to hold out as long as I could without air conditioning, but living on the third floor of an old walk up building it became unbearable. I broke down and got one just about two weeks ago and figured I'd spend my entire summer sitting inside, being lazy, and just doing nothing. Pretty much the exact opposite has happened since then. 

The past two weeks have been super busy and I've been running around all over the city getting everything done in barely enough time. Band practice in Logan Square, work in Lincoln Park, doctor appointments downtown, and trying to find an apartment in basically every other neighborhood. It's been hot, tiring, and even frustrating to get everything done, but one thing I've remembered is how much I love Chicago. 

The first playlist I posted on here was about how much I loved living in Chicago. Every once in a while I stop and just think about what an awesome place this city is and what an opportunity I got to live here. As I mentioned before, I barely left the loop when I first moved here, but now I just think back and laugh at how dumb I was. Busy, tired, and sweating to death, I still look around and love this city that I now consider home.