Every time I head to some all day festival, I go through a irrational number of mental checklists to make sure I have everything I need for the day. No matter how hard to I try, I always end up forgetting something. I tend to get a little paranoid about forgetting things, so I try to plan out everything I need in advance. It's the same feeling I get when I think I've left my phone charger back at my apartment before getting on a plane. 

So these days I try to make sure to write down everything I may want to bring the moment I think of it. I like to be on time, if not early and prepared for everything, especially if I'll be gone for more than a day or two at a festival. There's festivals I want to go to this summer and fall that I already know I'll be planning out weeks before the day of the festivals. I can only imagine how much I would forget to bring if I was asked last minute to go a festival for a few days.