Last night I dreamt that David Bowie's character in the Labyrinth was trying to teach me how to make a proper shrimp scampi. I was skeptical of course. For one, David Bowie was in my kitchen and I even knew while asleep that that just does not happen. And two, how the hell does a British rock star even know how to make shrimp scampi? As the dream progressed, I asked Bowie (aka Jareth the Goblin King), what makes his shrimp scampi so damn special. His reply? Yes, you guessed it, Dance Magic. So then, obviously, the two of us broke out in song and dance as Jim Henson critters began emerging from cabinets. Best dream ever! I woke up feeling happy, refreshed, and that I didn't even have to work out today because I already had my dance work out with the Bowmyster. However, it did make me realize that a little bit of dance magic has been missing in my life recently. That said my little goblins, I give you a new playlist. Hopefully, one that gets you to dance. Or, at the very least, bop your head ever so slightly.