A few weeks ago, my Mom and I drove halfway across the country to visit family in West Virginia. I was a complete idiot, for I neglected to bring my iPod car adapter (of course)! As a result of my utter stupidity, I was forced to listen to the ever so terrifying FM radio. I must tell you that scanning for acceptable music on the FM in bumble Ohio is not an easy feat. Hell, it's not easy in Chicago for that matter! Though in the process of trekking towards Appalachia, it's close to impossible to find anything on the waves that doesn't consist of -- I shutter to say it -- Rascal Flatts or other ridiculously twanged individuals pleading to the town looker to jump in der truck and drive into the sunset wit dem. No offense to the Rascal lovers out there, but it's my belief that their band (can I even call them that?) is not only giving good ol' American dixie hoedown music a bad rep, it's slowly sucking the soul away from all good things American. Folks, the point of the story here is that I don't think it's okay to pass FORTY Cracker Barrels without hearing one good song. And while we celebrate the birth of our nation in fierce style this weekend, I give to you my little fireworks: a non-Rascal Flatts playlist. And although it may consist of a heavy twang here and there, my musical contribution for this week presents something free, something raw, and something truly American. Oh, speaking of fireworks -- please don't be a schmuck and blow your hand off; it's never worth it.