The multi-instrumentalist made his hometown appearance at the Auditorium Theatre last Saturday evening. It was the first time he had performed there and it was chock-full of musical perfection. He played to the likes of the young and old, hip and plain, and even the political as Mayor Emanuel took time out to bask in the sounds of the skillful whistler.

Bird's tour has been supporting his latest effort, Break It Yourself, which came out in March and debuted at Number 10 on Billboard's Top 200. Needless to say a majority of the material was from this record, but he also interjected with older tracks, "Tables and Chairs" and "Plasticities". The show would not have been complete without his spinning horn speakers that have become an integral part of his performances.

He took the stage single handedly and performed "Why?" with plenty of loops and layers. The sounds carried through the perfectly acoustic venue that he later 'tested' as his band gathered in a circle at the front of the stage "in an old timey style" for "Give It Away" and "Effigy". Nora O'Connor, who has been working with Bird for five years and counting, also joined the band for a few tracks, including "Lusitania".

Though the crowd had plenty of praise at the end of the show, a couple of "We Love You!" screams and bopping heads made up their appreciation throughout the night. Maybe they were in awe of what was coming from the stage or they found the surroundings equally impressive and had to take it all in, but in comfort. All I know is every butt was in a seat the entire show. I've never experienced such a calm crowd that was clearly proud of their musical hero.

Hopefully some of his festival appearances will take on a different tone... though maybe not. Check out the rest of his tour for some national and international musical hoopla that will be sure to have fans whistling all the way home.