Whenever I'm making a playlist I'm all about the theme. This week was no different as I thought about what songs to highlight to kick off a long weekend for so many people. Everyone knows this long weekend is due to the 4th of July -- also known as Independence Day. The fight for freedom made me think about the unique things that make us "American." A little help from the Internet (note: this was on an "American" list) gave me a wide array of characteristics and while some things were serious and some things were funny, here's a few I want to share:

Baseball: The country's (former) pastime
iPod, iPhone...the list goes on
Thanksgiving: Topped off with the Macy's Parade
The Simpsons: Who hasn't seen at least one episode?
March Madness: Pure madness
The Constitution and Bill of Rights: Enough said
Religious Freedom: See above
...and let's not forget the Turducken -- if you don't know what it is, you're missing out!

So while you're slaving over the grill this weekend or getting eaten alive by all those bugs as you watch fireworks, don't forget what you're celebrating -- a Revolution.