Lollapalooza: Where thousands flock to destroy a beautiful park, get incredibly sunburned (even if you were already tan), and enjoy a wide spectrum of music. I have attended a number of times and admit that I am once again paying a hefty sum to indulge in Perry Farrell's madness. This madness has lasted 20 years, and while I'm not here to give you a history lesson (that you can find on Lollapalooza's official website), it's quite incredible that Chicago is Lolla's true home. 

I haven't compiled a must-see list here -- just a few artists I would like to see. I'll be lucky if I see them all because this year's line-up seems jam packed. I don't know if there are more bands booked than there have been in the past, or if I just don't remember from previous years, or if my music taste has become's leaving me in a pickle!  WHO DO I GO SEE?!

If you're in the same predicament, I feel your pain. Maybe it's best to slug a few beers, close your eyes, and just drop your finger on the schedule.