The time has come for the dreaded house (or more likely, an apartment) hunt. The first time around a year ago, it's something I thought would be exciting, but it actually turned into a nightmare. Why oh why would I put myself through this again? I've definitely asked myself this many times throughout the past few weeks as I continue to scroll through craigslist and realtor pages. If you're wondering why I continue to search, the reason is that I need to start accumulating my own things. Moving into an apartment last fall that was already furnished (besides my bedroom, of course), was great (and way cheaper) to start with, but I never really felt like it was my space. I want to go buy curtains, side tables, and art. I want to put together cheap cabinets from IKEA and get mad when it's not just right. I want my own home. So if you're also on the hunt, I feel your pain as you search for that perfect space that you can call your own.