I'm not sure why, but these first three weeks of the semester have been difficult verging on torturous. It could be the fact that I'm balancing school with two jobs this year (don't worry -- neither are full time). Or it could be moving to a new place and I STILL don't have my Internet activated (thanks a lot AT&T). It already seemed like a break was due, so I took a trip back home to Ohio. (Please don't think I'm that big of a crybaby; I actually had a legitimate reason to come back).

My Megabus journey on Wednesday evening was quiet, uneventful, and (for the most part) on time so no complaints there.

And after being in Ohio for less than 24 hours, I made a few mental notes about things I miss and things I am looking forward to for the rest of the weekend.

Driving: Actually driving and not crawling as soon as I get in my car when I'm in Chicago
HBO: I really, really miss HBO On Demand
A Stocked Fridge: I think I always gain a couple pounds when I'm at my parents' house; there's always more food than I know what to do with.
AND FOOTBALL (Don't think less of me, music aficionados): The big rival high school game on Friday night, the Buckeyes on Saturday, and the Brownies on Sunday; NOT the cookie-toting girls -- THE CLEVELAND BROWNS! I can only hope some of my teams win.