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Zmrzlina is Czech for "ice cream," which is strangely appropriate for the type of music they make. Like big bowl of Ben and Jerry's "Confection Obsession," it seems like a little bit of everything has been tossed into Zmrzlina's musical mix. Any printed description of their sound seems to result in a string of wild and wonderful comparisons: "Captain Beefheart crossed with the Thinking Fellers," "Sonic Youth meets The Klezmatics," "Lou Reed fronting Plastic People of the Universe," "X, Hallowed Ground-era Violent Femmes, The Fall, and Mekons." The list goes on and on. As is apparent from these endless strings of seemingly disparate comparisons, the good thing about Zmrzlina is that it's impossible to pin them down. They flutter from one musical style to the next, never staying in one place long enough to be boring or predictable. On "Lenny," you'll hear a gorgeous cello mixed with soft, subdued vocals, but by the next track you're in the middle of a deranged New Orleans-style jazz ensemble, courtesy of Tom Waits's reedman Ralph Carney.

Katastrophe, Vol. 3 is Zmrzlina's third release, and their first for San Francisco-based Incidental Music. "Schoolgirls" features the vocals of drummer Heather Snider, while "Lenny" features frontman Jeff Ray.

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