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Zion I

It says a lot about a man who takes his shoes off whenever he performs. It shows he has an ingrained respect for the music and art form of hip hop, and hence must remove his footwear when he graces one of its main temples, the stage. The man is Zion I, and he provides the spiritual core of the Bay Area underground. Zion I has always liked to go a little deeper than most. Over the years, with his independently released underground tapes, he has spoken of upliftment, relationships, and striving to become a better human being. Through his regime he has achieved mad respect for, and from, his audience and peers.

This is not to say that Zion I can't get lyrical. On "Critical" he collaborates with the ubiquitous, Fresno-born Planet Asia to achieve lyrical dominance. They flip lyrics back and forth over the spaced-out funk of the 418 Hz Production squad, professing to hold themselves to the highest lyrical standards possible. Zion I flexes his lyrical potency on the first verse, rhyming, "I verbalize lust to bust/ Just as dangerous/ As watchin' Mt. Vesuvius erupt."

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