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Zero Zero

Hard to believe that the two boys and one girl in Zero Zero were once darlings of New Jersey hardcore punk, back when they played in a band called Lifetime. Hard to believe because their new band goes for heavily electronic dance-rock full of Moog and Farfisa grooves, distorted guitar hooks, and spongy synthetic beats. It sounds kind of like Elvis Costello meets Stereolab. Or maybe The Clash meets The Pizzicato Five. There's a raucous punk ethic crossed with humid keyboard and percussion grooves reminiscent of Burt Bacharachand Henry Mancini. Zero Zero is definitely a strange beast, but their weird grooves, whether dreamy or rousing, are almost always solid and satisfying.

Zero Zero's sound evolved after singer and organist Miss TK and guitarist Dave Idea began recording together, looking for an experimental sound influenced by their love for AM radio. They found it eventually, after recruiting fellow Lifetime alum (also Miss TK's husband) Ari Katz to provide the slurred male yowling and play drums. The trio's aptly titled debut album, AM Gold, features a Hall and Oates sample buried somewhere in the mix.