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What emerged the next spring was a new beast entirely, a band called WOOM. Their music is a wholly unique reinvention of pop likened to the quiet radicalism of Young Marble Giants, the devastating simplicity of early Velvet Underground, and the turbulent joy of contemporaries like Animal Collective, Tune-Yards, and Micachu and the Shapes. Untethered to a traditional genre, WOOM generates music as irresistibly engaging and timeless as it is strange and new.

Muu’s Way, out this summer on Ba Da Bing, is an intensely honest record revealing the intuitiveness of Portnoy and Magenheimer’s 6-year collaboration. Beneath its incredibly detailed DIY production brims a wild, uncontainable energy. Skittering beats, deep-diving bass, chorusing frogs, crumbling guitars and crackling voices swarm around songs that are at once heart-felt and emotionally enigmatic. It is an album of elemental affection and confident provocation.

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