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Wolfie hails from the independent music hub of Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, but they don't share the buzzing punk-pop/emo sound of other local bands like Braid, American Football, and Menthol. Instead the group shoots for effervescent nuggets of tuneful power pop perfection. As is often said about bands which revel in pop for pop's sake, Wolfie isn't out to change the world, they just really really like catchy harmonies, not to mention oozingly sweet keyboards and guitars that fuzz and buzz in all sorts of agreeable ways. The Zombies are clearly an influence, as the band members themselves have mentioned once or twice -- but then again, The Zombies are probably an influence on just about anyone who makes harmony-driven pop with lots of organ sounds. Wolfie's music more directly suggests the clever, adenoidal pop of more recent bands like Weezer and The Rentals.

Over the course of three albums, Wolfie has grown up considerably from the messy amateurish melodies of their 1998 debut, the rather appropriately titled Awful Mess Mystery. Since that release, they've graced the world with the cutesy Where's Wolfie (1999) and the more accomplished (but no less wide-eyed) Tall Dark Hill (2001).

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