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Windsor for the Derby

Windsor for the Derby crafts precise, delicate songs, often varying a simple theme for minutes. The result is like a shawl of sound, the kind of music you could wrap yourself in for company on a long and chilly night.

In 1999, Windsor for the Derby released a full-length, Difference and Repetition, on Michael Gira's Young God Records and a seven-inch on Western Vinyl. The seven-song Difference and Repetition opens with the mysteriously titled "*," a gentle and lulling stroll through expansive sonic territory. From the same album, "The Egg" is just about as close to a dance song as this band gets, with subtly insistent percussion and mildly sweltering bass.

The seven-inch consists of three diverse songs bursting with melodic patterns and repetition that will both satisfy loyal fans and capture the hearts of new listeners. "Now I Know the Sea" opens with the sounds of the ocean, then gives way to mournful harmonica, lilting guitar, tentative piano, and delicate vocals. Before you can fully appreciate its simple beauty, the song is over. The live version of "Nico" (the original appears on Difference and Repetition) was recorded at a show in San Francisco. It displays the band's ability to entrance even the most jaded live audience with simple and beautiful sounds. This is music to get lost in; the perfect accompaniment for a solitary walk, a dark night, or an unfamiliar road.

Windsor for the Derby is from Austin, Texas. They have also released several records on Trance Syndicate, which is run by King Coffey of the Butthole Surfers.