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Willard Grant Conspiracy and Telefunk

This collaboration between Willard Grant Conspiracy and Telefunk is derived from a series called In the Fishtank. The series, released by the Dutch label Konkurrent, brings bands into an Amsterdam studio for a "whirlwind" recording session over two days. Although collaborations are not always the scenario with the series, bands often invite their colleagues into the studio for some experimentation and expansion. The other collaborations spawned from the series include Tortoise/The Ex and Low/Dirty Three. This session marks the first time in Fishtank history that actual rehearsals took place with both groups present. Willard Grant Conspiracy and Telefunk have also taken a unique approach to the project by exclusively recording traditional songs from the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Willard Grant Conspiracy has existed since founding members Robert Fisher and Paul Austin began directing the group's revolving cast that has included members of Codeine, Sugar, The Silos, and folk singer Edith Frost. The Conspiracy's roots span from country to folk to blues swell, taking their singer-songwriting to a deep and almost historical realm, especially with the choice of songs on these recordings.

It was Telefunk who invited Willard Grant Conspiracy to garnish their contributions to the series. They recognized that with their more contemporary cast of drum loops and samples contrasting with the WGC's Americana influence, a careful integration of the two camps would create fantastic versions of these old songs. The concept worked and these tracks are beautiful interpretations of classics.