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Wide Receiver

London, England's Steve Blood and Ian Gotts (Wide Receiver) are a duo responsible for some rousing breakbeat and techno that's always on the mark. They have broad influences and are known to bring vocalists into the studio and use live instrumentation for gigs rather than relying solely on samples. Formed in '96, the duo has made quite a name for themselves, electrifying dance scenes everywhere with both singles recorded on the always dope Woof Records imprint. Most noticeable recent remixes include: The Cardigans "My Favorite Game" and Afrika Bambaataa re-release of "Gotta Get Up" on Multiply Records. Their singles have been dropped by DJs worldwide, including San Francisco's Charlotte the Baroness.

Some of their singles have appeared on choice compilations including the Dope on Plastic series (React UK), Planet House 4 (Kickin' UK), Dig The Nu-Breed (Wall Of Sound), and Big Beat Elite Repeat (Lacerba). "Breakbeat Sushi" can be heard under the titles on Brit flick Dog Eat Dog. Both the "2 Step Mix" and the "3 Course Dinner Edit" are exclusive to Epitonic.

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