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Weed are husband and wife Dan and Cristina Handrabur. A native of Bucharest, Dan Handrabur began his classical music training at an early age and was granted a scholarship to study classical music theory at the Conservatoire in Geneva. His inquisitive musical mind soon led him to a local DJ who would sneak him into clubs. Soon, Dan started to DJ himself at the landmark Club 58. Cristina moved to Geneva to study languages at the same college as Dan. Drawn to each other via a love of the sounds the two were destined to share -- '80s electronic and symphonic pop, futuristic film scores like Bladerunner, and the jazz noir of Miles Davis -- she began experimenting with music herself.

Following the completion of his studies, Dan moved with his family to Toronto, Canada. Just under a year later, shortly after her 18th birthday, Cristina joined him and the two were married. They moved to Vancouver, where they quickly became known among the nascent electronic music community that had grown there out of a shared love of Detroit/European techno and U.K. post-rave acts such as Orbital, Massive Attack, and Portishead. In '97, the Vancouver-based label Nettwerk, impressed with the purity of the sounds on the duo's very first demo, signed the band, and they set to work completing their debut album, Hard To Kill.

Weed encapsulates the individualistic musical approach that Dan and Cristina have pursued since moving to Canada. The album is song-based, replete with chilled-out and electro-funk rhythms, and overlaid with sweeping synthesizer sounds and Cristina's sensual voice. "If Only You Could See" is a frenetic, progressive trance-like song that is just one of many highlights of Hard To Kill.

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