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During its short lifespan, Weakling achieved cult status in their native San Francisco. Taking musical (if not lifestyle) cues from the psycopathic godfathers of Norwegian black metal Mayhem and Emperor, Weakling created an astonishingly grim, hellish atmosphere of evil and terror with their staggering, brutal opuses of musical destruction. There's a baroque, operatic beauty to this barely controlled chaos of martial drumming, creepy back-from-the-grave keyboards, and buzzing dual guitars that constantly build and build into heart attack climaxes. Then of course there are the incomprehensible vocals -- groaned, gasped, spat -- which will make you think of some mythological monster frothing at the mouth as it tears apart its kill.

The featured song, "No One Can Be Called As a Man While He'll Die," comes from Weakling's five-song, 80-minute epic Dead As Dreams. Weakling recorded the Dead As Dreams in 1998 before breaking up, but the album remained unheard until 2000 when San Francisco's tUMULt Records released it. Weakling's songs will exert an almost hypnotic force over you, making you forget things like who and where and why, swallowing you completely in their swirling awful grandeur.

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