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Wauvenfold is the brainchild of the Nottingham, England-based production duo of Noel Murphy and Tom Hill. Their first full-length 3fold is a compilation of their three highly acclaimed EPs -- Crisp Little Digit, On The Blink, and Splinter Switch -- along with some previously unreleased material. The beat programming on 3fold is top-notch, while the sound design will have you wondering if a poltergeist has entered the room. Wauvenfold borrows from the IDM playbooks of Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, Funkstorung, and Autechre while differentiating their sound with a keen sense of melody and all-around high-quality production. Just when it seems like a Wauvenfold track is going to turn into a train wreck, the duo pulls it all together into a melodic and tight sound. Unlike much IDM, Wauvenfold feels like great music rather than an AP calculus exam.

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