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William Selman (Warmdesk) was born in Texas in 1973. After spending time in Vienna, Austria, Selman relocated to Chicago, where he is now an audio/visual consultant for the Art Institute of Chicago's performance department. He's released records for Alienation, Static Caravan, Faalt, and A Posteriori. Like B. Fleischman, his rhythm-focused sound derives from his past career as a drummer. Warmdesk's compositions are without a doubt experimental and abstract, but their rhythms generally remain intact and apparent -- a welcome change from the many Autechre clones that now clutter the electronic music landscape. Rather than focusing on scattered and irregular beat patterns, Warmdesk crafts modern musique concrete compositions, full of fascinating and complex individual sounds. To hear is to believe.

"Encaustic" comes from BiP-HOp Generation v.2, a French compilation featuring exclusive music from B. Fleischman, Arovane, Kohn, Wang Inc., and Laurent Pernice.

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