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If one can say that there is a "Vienna Sound" of sorts, then one would be referring to the chilled hip hop rhythms and dubby and jazz-laced grooves pushed to international prominence by artists such as Kruder & Dorfmeister.

America has not seen a full-length album released by an Austrian artist since the early 1980s, when Falco was in vogue. Now, however, Klaus Waldeck seems to be making moves to push the "Vienna Sound" even further with not one, but two full-length releases: Balance Of The Force and Balance Of The Force Remixes. With over 80,000 albums sold in Europe (on the Spray imprint), as well as high rotation in Germany, Austria, and France, Waldeck stands to rise even higher insofar as being regarded as having the potential "?to become the Vienna scene's first genuine pop crossovers" (Music Media, U.K.).

How the albums arose is an interesting tale. During 1991-1992 Waldeck lived in London, a city known for electronic music production. At the time, Waldeck was finishing postgradute studies on copyright law in conjunction with research for his doctoral thesis on music sampling.?After meeting many music industry types, Waldeck assembled his own lo-fi recording, and produced music for U.K. house and techno label Choci's Chewns. During this period, Waldeck recorded all of the vocal tracks that appear on Balance Of The Force with Joy Malcolm, chanteuse for the group Incognito.

Upon returning to Vienna in 1992, Waldeck became enamored with the early trip hop/Dopeheadz music he heard, inspiring him to completely rearrange the vocal tracks he had worked on with Malcolm. By pure chance, the newly-arranged music came to the attention of the production team of Kruder & Dorfmeister, who agreed to produce "Aquarius" and "Moon" after an initial listen. The tracks first appeared on Waldeck's 1996 debut EP, Northern Lights.

Since then, Waldeck has taken the trademark Vienna Sound and impressed his own talent upon it. Balance of The Force merges crystal clear vocals with refined smoking down tempo beats, and pieces of pure dub delerium. The music is vital: beautiful, funky, soulful or as the label terms it, "Underwater Sci-Fi Soul."

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