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Vivid Low Sky

Guitarist David Koslowski, member of the Chapel Hill bands Gerty and Liquor Bike and co-founder of Plastique Recordings, got the idea for Vivid Low Sky's album Music for Movies Unmade after watching TV for a while with the sound turned off. The music is intended to accompany the disjointed jumble of nonsensical images that is soundless TV. Vivid Low Sky is a pseudo-solo affair; Koslowski gets some assistance from members of Burning Airlines, Gerty, Airport '77 and Plow, not to mention his dogs Nigel and Nico, who kept him company while he recorded. But the compositions are all Koslowski's, as is the often heavily reverbed guitar which occupies the front-and-center position throughout each track. There's more than enough variation here to keep things interesting; Koslowski's television soundtracks range from ambient, repetitive tone poems to dissonant sound experiments to driving, grimy post-punk rave-ups. Music for Movies Unmade is the sort of album that will appeal to fans of similarly inclined (if not necessarily similarly sounding) instrumental rock artists such as Scenic, Pell Mell, and Friends of Dean Martinez.

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