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Vitriol is an exploration of organic, unfettered noises, decontextualized and woven into alarming collages. These compositions suggest the strange, menacing sounds you might hear in a forest in the dark at night or deep beneath the earth in some strange lightless cave. Yes, darkness is a prevailing feeling here; Vitriol's sounds are unfamiliar and frightening; you feel as if they are happening to you, that they are an alien force over which you have no control, something ancient, foreign, and decidedly not human.

Vitriol is a very private, inward-looking project from Godflesh's Ben Green. It's the result of a year Green spent in a remote cottage in Wales's Cambrian Mountains, where he lived in isolation, listening to emotional sounds from within and the elemental sounds of nature. His Vitriol release, made only with an eight-track, a guitar, and a few microphones, is a record of the experience.