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Vinyl Star

If you've ever suspected there might be millions of great high school bands out there whose musical output far surpasses Billboard's Top 40 dreck or the so-called alternative fare trotted out by modern rock radio, Vinyl Star provides confirmation of your theories. The Bloomington, Indiana quintet started in high school and continued recording until its members graduated from college in 2000 and went their separate ways. Their eclectic sound mixed English pop influences of the late '80s and early '90s with American ones from the '60s, a hint of '90s Midwestern emocore, and a whole lot of originality. Part of Vinyl Star's appeal was its eclectic instrumental lineup, which, in addition to the expected guitar, bass, and drums, included Moog, Farfisa, standard piano, and even some crazy skronky sax asides. Rich arrangements and runaway singalong choruses dominated their rousing songs. The 1999 The Lost Children EP (with "Guide Me Tonight") is one of the only remaining documents of this little-known band.

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