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Vertical Cat

Not bad for a first effort. Newcomer Vertical Cat's debut single, "Sway," is an Ernie Kovacs kaleidoscope of audio delights (and a bit of the old "light parade" to boot), packaged in the acid jazz collection Sulfur Compound, released in October 2001 by the friendly folks over at Beggars. Although it does carry the typically old-school high hat loops (a bit overused, if you ask me), it follows up with languidly plucked strings. Overall, it does slide quite nicely into the aural cavities. Vertical Cat -- aka Dan Arthure, a London-based graphic artist and musician -- joins his brethren SFT, Future Pilot AKA, S.O.L.O., and most notably Scanner Vs. DJ Spooky (on the track "Guanxi," used for a Gucci in-store advert of all things) in making this compilation an excellent fit for your lounge collection. So put on your smoking jacket, pour that shaken-not-stirred martini, spin the disc, and enjoy!

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