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Uzeda takes its name from a gateway leading into one of the oldest parts of Catania, the band's Sicilian hometown, which is located on the slopes of the active volcano Mount Etna. Uzeda's sound is as fiery and unpredictable as Mt. Etna in action, shifting with explosive power from one moment to the next. They were originally a five-piece, but they lost one guitarist. This merely highlights the chugging bass. Uzeda makes relentless and powerful sludge-rock, the kind of music that inspires vivid and violent dreams. Singer Giovanna Cacciola's voice is sometimes shrill, desperate, or crazed, but always impossible to ignore.

"The Milky Way," from their 1998 album, Different Section Wires, opens with the unexpected sound of snoring. Within seconds, the bass begins to lumber through the soundscape, laying down a hypnotic groove. Cacciola's subdued but impassioned vocals follow, creating a maelstrom of sound and emotion. The song is typical of Uzeda's dynamism, shifting gears and layering sounds to create a dark, unnerving atmosphere.

Uzeda is often compared to the damaged art-noise of bands like Sonic Youth and Blonde Redhead, but their thick, sludgy sound also references Big Black and The Jesus Lizard. In fact, Steve Albini recorded three of their records: Waters (1993), 4 (1995), and Different Section Wires.