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Universal Life and Accident

With a sound that is constantly unraveling at the seams, this life affirming single maintains the subtlety of a nervous breakdown.

In the grand tradition of Rodan, ULAA's stop/start, loud/soft, epic compositions at one point or another address just about the entire range of the emotional spectrum. Equally adept at sparse and graceful whispers as cathartic noise eruptions, this beautifully bipolar outfit has honed a truly dynamic sound worth checking out.

Shifting incessantly from shimmering to shocking, Universal Life and Accident may be suffering from a healthy identity crisis. While many of ULAA's tracks are delivered through the frustrated lens of sleepless nights and pulled hair, there are also the spatial segments that seep slowly into the psyche, favoring subtlety to sheer volume. Often occupying both of these poles multiple times within a single song, the group maintains clear sight of the big picture while gracefully pulling off the intricacy of the moment. With each extreme executed with equal expertise, this band will undoubtedly offer something for any listener regardless of musical persuasion.

Buried somewhere underneath the layers of noise and shifting rhythms, lies a well polished and practiced musicianship that transcends categorization, much less comparison. The band's articulate style and overall conceptualization will undoubtedly satiate both the critic and the connoisseur as ULAA is one of those few band's that are able to bridge high art with the everyday human experience with a sincerity completely devoid of pretension.

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