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Known as one of the top U.S. drum and bass DJs and producers, UFO! has been devastating sound systems worldwide with the Phunckateck crew, producing enough top-notch tunes to feed an army of starved junglists! This hyperactive S.F. native helped kick off the drum and bass movement in the U.S., and with releases on Green Label, Sound Sphere, and Thermal under his belt, UFO! is taking the drum and bass scene by the throat.

UFO!'s musical influences range from his Latin upbringing to the street scenes of everyday urban life. His passion for storming sounds is paralleled only by his hunger for sci-fi reconstruction, which appears frequently in his music. He has recieved international recognition for his work with Position Chrome in Germany, and has worked with the likes of Juju, DJ Abstract, DJ Tee Bee, and Panacea. Hold on tight, secure your valuables, and enjoy the ride!

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