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Noise clashes with melodic structure in Twinesound, the music produced by U.S. chilled-out glitch engineers Greg Malcolm and Chad Mossholder. Since 1997, the duo has collaborated remotely from their respective homes in Boulder, CO and Cleveland, bringing their day jobs as video game composer and digital audio engineer to the drones, atmospherics, and static fields that comprise Twine's experimentations.

Twine has performed live with noteworthy fellow travelers including Thomas Brinkmann, Mark Amerika, Oval, Faust, Mouse on Mars, Slicker, The Boxhead Ensemble, Marumari, Chicago Underground Duo, and Francisco Lopez. The duo has recorded the critically lauded full-length :Recorder: (on BiP_HOp) and has contributed to numerous compilations, including the tracks "room" and "one2" to Bip-Hop Generation V.4, which also features minimal electronic contributions from Si-{cut}.db, VS_Price, and Mira Calix.

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