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The Tubemaniacs started around 1990 as a live acid house act called the Tubemaniacs on S.A.P. Their live shows immediately became the talk of the town because they performed at clubs in front of crowds who didn't like house music at all, but their extremely loud performances, piercing distorted guitars, and over-the-top stage show divided the crowd into two camps: those who hated it and those who saw the Tubemaniacs on S.A.P. as the future of live dance music. However, just as a record deal was in the making with BMG, the Tubemaniacs on S.A.P. split up.

After the breakup, none of the band members were prepared to put any effort into the band anymore. The record companies interested in taking the group to a larger audience went crazy. Several people, including Beck and John Peel, tried to revitalize the Tubemaniacs on S.A.P., but the original members simply refused. It appeared that the group was history.

Recently, Tree-Top got a hold of a tape with some extremely rough mixes of Tubemaniacs on S.A.P. songs. The Tree-Top A&R director happened to be one of the Tubemaniacs on S.A.P.'s biggest fans. It turned out that the tape was not a complete Tubemaniacs on S.A.P. production but had actually been produced by only two members of the old group. The result is the Tubemaniacs (without the S.A.P.), a more introverted studio production group featuring strange found samples nestled among smooth hip hop rhythms and synth textures. It may not be Tubemaniacs on S.A.P., but it's a tantalizing taste of what might have been.

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