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Tribes of Neurot

Comprised of all the members of Neurosis and additional musicians, Tribes of Neurot examines many of the same concepts and emotions as Neurosis, but from a radically different perspective. Their music also seethes and boils with end-of-the-world tension, but in contrast to Neurosis's apocalyptic furor, Tribes of Neurot's work is full of darkly ambient textures made up of odd organic samples, slow churning rhythms, and prepared guitars. Instead of blasting the senses, Tribes of Neurot creeps around them like a dense gloomy fog that finds its way into the interstices of consciousness; they engage in guerilla tactics rather than full-scale assault. This is sometimes quite creepy stuff, full of keening and wailing, hypnotic drones, and odd other-worldly sounds that tumble end-over-end in slow-motion.

In 1995, Tribes of Neurot put out their first record, Rebegin, establishing themselves as a counterpart to Neurosis. Since that release, the two bands have existed in a kind of dialogue with one another. In 1995 Tribes of Neurot released Silver Blood Transmission, which Neurosis answered with Through Silver in Blood. Then, in 1999, Neurosis released Times of Grace and Tribes of Neurot released a companion piece, Grace, meant to be played on a separate machine at the same time as Times of Grace. The tracks "Origin Unknown" and "Unspoken Path" both come from Tribes of Neurot's 1998 release, Static Migration, the result of a year-long collaboration with experimental guitarist and producer Scott Ayers (aka Walking Time Bombs) which took place through the mail.

Tribes of Neurot's dense, brooding atmospheres of sound are sophisticated, challenging works that can play tricks on your subconscious. Listen carefully.