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Transmo's quiet, languidly chaotic sound collages will make you feel as if all those peculiar, oddly beautiful urban noises you hear in the early hours of the morning after the city has gone to sleep have joined together to create a new kind of music. The results are elegantly subtle and strangely moving. Greg Ficht started Transmo in 1998 in Wickerpark, Chicago. After a successful year of playing at art gatherings and small concert venues, he moved to San Francisco, where he has continued his home-electronic experimental escapades. He's released a pair of records, the three-song Super Pong, featuring "Super Pong," and the nine-song InHale, featuring "Page," "Ouija," "La Tana," Guro Gurro Machine," and "Inhale." These unusual, surprisingly warm forays into electronic abstraction will open up new pathways of thought and feeling.

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