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Punk rock and roll blah blah blah ex-members of....blah blah blah beer guzzling blah blah blah.

Look. The Traitors are Chicago's most feared band. They've been kicked out of the Empty Bottle (it's a sorta famous bar). They were "too much" for Jenny Jones' pro wrestling episode. Damn it, they've even kicked out their own members on occasion. They're Steve Albini and David Yow's favorite band. Maybe they're alien freakazoids, too, but they're definitely on a mission.

With an atomic mix of violently raw rawkers that Estrus Records would kill to have and the fastest songs this side of 1978, the Traitors are just that, traitors to the world of "punk" they were weened on, so much so that they don't even call it punk. "What kind of music do they play?" LOUD AND FAST.

The white belts (i.e. indie hipsters) don't want you to know The Traitors are out there, cause a Traitors show is too much fun and you'd give up on all that posturing indie drivel. More than that, the white belts don't want you to know THEY listen to the Traitors, because the Traitors are what every band wants to be: good music and good times, exactly why you, they, and everyone began to listen to the music in the first place.

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