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Tra La La

Listening to Tra La La is like taking a nostalgia pill. You'll find yourself yearning for the days of your past life when you spent so many nights listening to the swervy music of the Swirlies or the meloncholy wash of Slowdive. It's all there, as fresh as ever and yet utterly timeless.

Though there's no question their music is influenced by the aforementioned bands, that's not to suggest that Tra La La can't write an original pop song. Honey Owens (also guitarist for Jackie-o Motherfucker and contributor to electronic project Nudge) creates addictive lo-fi warmth, the kind you keep as your own little secret. Her chord changes set a fine meloncholic mood, further enhanced by the talented hands of keyboardist Brian Foote (who also sets the tone in Fontanelle and goes electronic in Nudge). Foote lays the sine waves that provide the melodic undercurrent of Tra La La's sound, a continuous pulsating foundation of smooth moody synth that mixes nicely with Owens's jazzy style.

Tra La La has released a seven-inch on Audraglint, containing the droney "Typewriter."

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