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Tone Language

As the tools for creating electronic music creep into bedrooms across the planet, the world is being overtaken by dry, cold, heartless music. In Lucerne, Switzerland, a 19-year-old pieces together another four-on-the-floor cookie-cutter house track. In Sao Paulo, Brazil, a middle-aged divorcee adds the sound of dolphins to an ill-fated ambient song he has just put to disk. These boring, mediocre offerings are like stakes driven relentlessly further into the hearts of discerning music fans. Thankfully, groups like Tone Language exist. Gone are the mindless conventions of so much of the world's electronic music. Gone are the dull, lifeless samples employed by so many of today's musicians.

Tone Language creates electronic music that breathes, music with a life of its own. Lee Anthony Norris works on the group's releases with Ichiro Taniguchi and Kenji Taniguchi. Norris is best known for his techno work as Metamatics (with various releases on Clear) and Norken, but he also creates more experimental music as Nacht Plank and has produced a well-received CDR on Microwave under that moniker. Similarly, the Taniguchis are also known as drum and bass trio Reflection. Tone Language draws from some of the more pleasant moments of Nacht Plank, but never falls into the dull cliches of worn-out ambient music. The glitches and sounds on Patience Is the Key crackle and shift with the warmth of a mid-summer's campfire.