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To Rococo Rot

To Rococo Rot traces its origins to a multimedia art exhibition of the same name that the band's founding members, brothers Ronald and Robert Lippok, held in Berlin in 1995. When their gallery suggested they record music rather than publish a catalogue, the Lippok brothers recruited bassist Stefan Schneider of the Dusseldorf-based instrumental group Kreidler and soon To Rococo Rot had a self-titled debut, which Kitty-Yo has re-released with four new tracks as .cd.

The music is instrumental post-rock of the Tortoise school, a hybrid sound that draws from rock, techno, ambient, and jazz. But, refreshingly, it lacks the kinds of artistic pretensions that lead musicians to apply labels like post-rock to their music. To Rococo Rot just rides along through pleasant, sometimes oddly jarring musical landscapes with a minimum of self-consciousness and a maximum of groove. The music has an aimlessness that actually comes as a kind of a relief, as if there's nowhere to be, no grand statement to make. To Rococo Rot is only interested in the journey -- which winds through a warm landscape of shifting patterns, dynamic textures, and weird samples and is powered by smooth, confident electro beats and rhythms.

"Kritische Masse 1" comes from .CD. To Rococo Rot has also released two other full-lengths, 1997's Veiculo, and 1999's The Amateur View, as well as 1998's Paris 25 EP.