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Somewhere between the domain of completely abstracted, unrecognizable electronic noises and the familiar, here-and-now rhythms of contemporary hip hop, breakbeat, and drum and bass, you'll find Philadelphia's Tleilaxu, aka DJ Crasta. There aren't many reference points for these blissed-out feasts of gentle, intricate beats and aural weirdness. Maybe it's the sound of some celestial after-hours dance party. In any case, Tleilaxu's gently hallucinatory collages of gorgeous samples and trip hop rhythms are sure to stimulate your pleasure center in just the right way.

Crasta has been a fixture of the Philadelphia scene for some time, holding down residencies at local clubs such as Grass and Mental Floss. He has also manned the wheels with the likes of Amon Tobin, Mixmaster Morris, The High Llamas, and Morcheeba, to name a few. When not making music, he writes programs and software for Macintosh. According to reports, he also played bass in an indie rock outfit before moving on to programming. It does seem like the bass players always turn out to be the biggest freaks, doesn't it?

Genetherapy is Tleilaxu's remarkable debut LP on Philadelphia-based Fuzzy Box Records. It features "Sickness," "Thisisit," and "Ohone Part One," a downtempo remix of a Tleilaxu track by techno artist Cain Edwards. "Javelinet" is a special present from Tleilaxu to Epitonic, available to you only here.

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