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Tino Corp.

Jack Dangers (born Jack Corrigan in Swindon, England in 1967) started spinning his warez in the mid-'80s with future Meat Beat Manifesto cohort Johnny Stephens as Perennial Divide. Dangers formed Meat Beat while still with Perennial Divide with the release "I Got the Fear." From there, it took on a life of its own with such masterpieces as Storm the Studio (remade after the first tapes were lost in a fire) and Satyricon (where the hell did he get that sample at the end of "Placebo" anyway?). Dangers has numerous production and remixing credits with artists such as Consolidated, Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, David Bowie, Bush, and Depeche Mode (his cover of "Everything Counts" on the Depeche tribute For the Masses was absolutely brilliant). Dangers also worked with Public Enemy in helping to produce the He Got Game soundtrack. Considered by many as the father of drum and bass, Dangers has droves of fans refering to themselves as "Zombies," a nod to Satyricon track "Brainwashed This Way/Zombie/That Shirt" (further showing his expertise on sample selection).

Now residing in San Francisco, Dangers has teamed up with visual creator extraodinaire Ben Stokes (Dimensional Holofonic Sound and H-Gun Labs) and producer/performer Mike Powell (Bo Square) to from the backbone of Tino Corp. Tino Corp.'s Tino's Breaks vinyl series curates DJ-oriented hip hop beats and scratch tracks with an album-to-album theme. 1998's Volume 1: How to Play the Drums has been repackaged with Volume 2: How to Play Latin Beats and released as a single CD in late April, 2002. This enhanced CD also contains the video, "Tino's Drum Lessons," (based on the track "Ape Man Beat") directed by Ben Stokes. Split your personality with Tino's duality on "Schitzophrenic DJ" (featuring Fuse 1 vs Golden Chyld) from Volume 2 (available here). Some Tino's Breaks releases include mambo, dub and Christmas-themed material, while others include Jack Dangers' solo work, a 10th anniversary remix EP of DHS' "House of God," and records by Tino co-producer Mike Powell's Bo Square project. Jack Dangers' 2001 solo LP for Shadow Records, Hello Friends!, featured 11 fully realized Tino tracks, plus bonus video "Tino's Factory" (a Ben Stokes classic). "Tuff Dub" is featured on Tino's Breaks Five. Reggae samples and Latin techno beats are wicked 'tings mon.

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