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Tinfoil Teakettle

Jason Amm and Gregory De Rocher are analog obsessed, and it shows on all of their releases. The boys at Suction know that it's not so much the complicated arrangements and fancy doo-dad software that make electronic music so appealing. There is a quality to the actual sounds -- of synths and tight percussion -- that really appeals to the pleasure centers of the modern human brain. The authenticity of the simple, well-constructed, analog electronic track speaks the language of life in the late 20th century, a time during which Amm and De Rocher were growing up listening to Depeche Mode, Skinny Puppy, OMD, Human League and other New Wave legends.

Amm and De Rocher are busy guys. They started Suction together in Toronto back in 1997, releasing a series of records, mostly of their own projects: Amm's Solvent and De Rocher's Lowfish. During the spring of 2001, they released Snow Robots Volume 1 and 2, a tribute to the patented electro-pop sound of Suction. A collection of old and new, the series consists of several out-of-print releases as well as some brand new work by both Solvent and Lowfish. Amm and De Rocher's collaboration as tinfoil teakettle appears on Volume 2, alongside other robot nobility like the minimalist Isan, G.D. Luxxe, and Suction's Skanfrom.

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